Kevin Simnacher



About Us

Kevin was found on a stump, somewhere North of Vinton, Iowa (or so he was told by his parents) He was raised on a
farm, but knew someday he would do something greater
than walking beans and pitching manure. By his 16th
Christmas, he had finally worn his parents down enough to
help him buy his first guitar, and promptly started his first

Kevin has played in various different bands over the years.
Some just cover bands and a couple that actually wrote and
recorded original material. One day, Kevin woke up, and
decided to start his own album project, called \"Window of
Opportunity\". For the first 50 years of his life, no one had
ever suggested he do such a project, but he figured if he
waited another 50, the chances of anyone suggesting it
would be greatly diminished.

Thus, the \"Window of Opportunity\" album CD project was

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