Air, Fire, Water

from Window of Opportunity

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Buy Now This song idea first came to me while I was trying to come up with material for the Harvey Headbanger album back in 2010. The music and the choruses were all I had before the CD was recorded, so I saved it for my own solo CD. It is more fitting to be released in late 2012 as kind of a prophetic \"doomsday\" or \"end of the Mayan Calendar\" theme.


\"Air, Fire, Water\" Kevin Simnacher/©2012 SimRocker Publishing (BMI) All rights reserved. 12-string acoustic guitar Intro CHORUS Air - Fire - Water Terra Firma’s Daughter Spirit take me closer Find out, it’s not over VERSE: None of the good times I’ve had are gonna see me through There’s a change in the seasons And it reminds me of you Take a look on the inside And on the outside too Don’t look over your shoulder It’s a message to you CHORUS VERSE: Strongholds losing their power Can’t you hear it in the whispering wind We know not the day or the hour but changes come from within Evil masters - create disasters and there’s chaos everywhere Only truth can escape it Don’t be caught unaware Instrumental Bridge/guitar solo VERSE: Here on the brink of destruction Are there a chosen few? Cosmic storms become the norm Radiation is breaking through Poles are shifting - solar flares on the rise Look within for the answer - then look up to the skies The old system is falling... CHORUS ENDING


Words & Music: Kevin Simnacher Bass Guitar: John Reardanz Producer: Kevin Simnacher




All Rights Reserved
Air, Fire, Water
Air, Fire, Water
  • Air, Fire, Water

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