Gypsy Girl

from Window of Opportunity

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Buy Now Have you ever spotted a beautiful someone in a crowd or at a party, gotten eye-contact for a second, and then they disappear, never to be seen again? Well that's what this song is about.


\"GYPSY GIRL \" Kevin Simnacher/©2011 SimRocker Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved. In the heat of the night - there's a strange dark gypsy girl With long black hair - she stops and stares with her eyes of green, she looked right through me She caught my gaze - that's how she captured me with her spell All it took, was just one look one glance, and then she was gone. She's a strange dark gypsy girl Where did she go? Into the night. She's the strange dark gypsy girl who left, without a trace Now she's just a memory I can't forget her face. I keep searching for that gypsy girl It's gonna take some time Someday I'm gonna find her again I wanna make her mine... She's a strange dark gypsy girl Where did she go? Into the night.


Words & Music: Kevin Simnacher, Producer: Mark Pence




All Rights Reserved
Gypsy Girl
Gypsy Girl
  • Gypsy Girl

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